"The heart of Bavaria and one of the hearts of Europe": this is how Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI referred the pilgrimage town of Altötting. In fact, for more than 1250 years, the town has been the ecclesiastical centre of Bavaria, for more than 500 years it has been one of the most significant Marian pilgrimage destinations in Germany. In addition, Altötting belongs to the Shrines of Europe, the six most important Marian pilgrimage sites on the continent. From an architectural perspective, the Chapel of Grace is interesting: It dates back to the 8th century when it was part of a baptistery and as such is one of the oldest sacred structures in Germany. The Chapel Square is surrounded by churches and monasteries and appears large and impressive during the day. There are numerous benches for pilgrims and other visitors to rest on and take in the sights.

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Wallfahrts- und Tourismusbüro
Kapellplatz 2a
D-84503 Altötting
Phone: +49 (0) 8671 5062-19

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