Arrival at the Inn Cycle Path

There are many ways to reach the Inn Cycle Path. Whether you arrive individually by car or with shuttle, train and bus - the most important airports, train stations with connections to long-distance traffic as well as larger towns along the Inn Cycle Path are marked on the map to provide a general orientation.

Arrival by Train

Travelling by train is sustainable and spares the environment as well as your nerves. Without traffic jams, you can travel comfortably and relaxed towards your destination, and the sight of the passing countryside creates holiday anticipation even before the journey begins.

Arrival at the Inn Cycle Path with ÖBB / Austrian Federal Railways.

You can plan your individual journey to the Inn Cycle Path using the ÖBB timetable.
Travel overnight and arrive rested in the morning: Use the ÖBB Nightjet - there are several connections to Innsbruck from all over Europe.

Arrival at the Inn Cycle Path with DB / Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn also offers the possibility of a relaxed journey.

Arrival at the Inn Cycle Path with SBB / Swiss Federal Railways

You can also use the SBB timetable to assist your individual journey to the Inn Cycle Path.

Bicycle Transport on the Train

Information on the possibilities of taking bicycles with you on ÖBB, DB or SBB can be found on the respective pages of the railways.

Our advice: Please make sure you reserve a spot for your bicycle early enough before your journey. This will be necessary on almost all trains since spaces are very limited.

Arrival by Bus

There are different options for travelling by bus. Busradar searches for independent long-distance bus connections in Europe.

It is also possible to travel by Flixbus. There you also have the option of taking your own bicycle with you.
Our advice: Please pay attention to the transport conditions for your bicycles as well as the pre-booking for the bicycle space when using the long-distance bus service. The spaces are very limited!

Shuttle from Innsbruck to Maloja

Since 9/17/2023, our shuttle service has gone on winter break.

For the 2024 season, we will announce the updates for the 2024 shuttle services here in time.

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