The Inn Cycle Path in Bavaria

After crossing the Austrian border at Kiefersfelden, near Kufstein, the Inn Cycle Path runs in parts on both sides of the Inn through the Bavarian regions of Chiemsee-Alpenland, Inn-Salzach, Rottal-Inn up to Passau. Here, in the city on three rivers, the Inn flows into the Danube - as does the Inn Cycle Path, which connects here with the Danube Cycle Path.

There, the cycle path mostly follows the River Inn which has now grown into a wide stream. In some sections the path is gravelled and not suitable for racing bikes. Occasionally it becomes a bit uneven, but the Bavarian specialities from kitchen and cellar provide the necessary strength. However, Bavaria has more to offer than just culinary delights. The Inn Cycle Path leads through beautiful towns known for a specific architectural style: the Inn-Salzach-Architecture. A variant of the Inn Cycle Path also leads to Burghausen, to the longest castle in the world.

Before it is possible to cycle on both sides of the cycle path again, it leads through the Lower Inn European Reserve, a paradise inhabited by more than 300 bird species. On the left side of the river you continue in Bavaria, while the right side is in Austria for about 70 km. The Inn ferries and footbridges allow it to cross from one side to the other without any problems though.


Bavaria - Baroque, Vibrant, Stunning Nature

The Inn Cycle Path leads through four regions in Bavaria. In the south, near to the Austrian border, it goes through Chiemsee-Alpenland, a region characterised by the Alps and its lakes - there are more than 30 in the area.  Along the Inn you can find the cities Rosenheim and the picturesque Wasserburg am Inn.

Adjacent to this is the region Inn-Salzach, which, as the name suggests, is situated between the Inn and Salzach. For hundreds of years the two rivers were the lifeblood of the region, providing wealth and connections to the outside world. Above all, this is reflected in the regional architecture. Italian master builders designed and built ornately adorned bourgeois houses, elongated town squares and cosy arcades across the region. These are the characteristic features of Inn-Salzach`s unique architecture. To this day the region`s towns are still bustling and full of life. The contrast between churches, abbeys and castles alongside unspoilt farmland offers variety all year round. The town of Altötting is an internationally renowned pilgrimage site. There is an extensive network of cycle paths throughout the region, offering visitors the chance to discover more sights situated further from the river.

The third region, Rottal-Inn, impresses with its beautiful old Bavarian natural landscape, many rivers with further cycle paths and the Lower Inn European Reserve. There, 55 river kilometres have been defined as a nature reserve.  Water areas, mud flats and islands provide space for flora and fauna. The Inn Cycle Path runs through the middle of the area, making it accessible to visitors as well.

For the last section of the Inn Cycle Path in Bavaria, the district of Passau holds the responsibility. During the last 70 kilometres of the river, you follow the Inn along the border between Bavaria and Upper Austria until it flows into the Danube. There, the three-river city of Passau awaits you with the spectacular merging of the three rivers Inn, Danube and Ilz, not to mention a baroque old town well worth a visit.

Regions Along the Inn Cycle Path



Cycling in the Chiemsee-Alpenland Region, which bikers will traverse on the Innradweg from south to north will make anyone feel great. Bicycle lanes, forest paths, Mountainbike trails or roads with little traffic make tours at different levels of difficulty possible. Those who are getting a bit warm during cycling will find 30 lakes waiting for them – from Lake Chiemsee which is nicknamed the “Bavarian Sea” over to the beautifully located Simssee and up to clear mountain or warm moor lakes. The two Inn-cities Rosenheim and Wasserburg which are shaped by the Inn-Salzach architecture invite you to stroll around and linger.


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​Kiefersfelden is the place for outdoor-lovers...


Located in the Upper Bavarian Inn Valley – directly at the Tyrolean Border – lies the tranquil town of Oberaudorf.


​Rosenheim is a city straight out of a picture book.

Wasserburg am Inn

Already the first contact with this city is impressive.

Inn-Salzach Region

At Gars, the Inn Cycle Route reaches the Upper Bavarian tourist region of Inn-Salzach and passes through the old trading town of Mühldorf am Inn and the village of Marktl, birthplace of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, up to Stammham, the beginning of the impressive bird sanctuary "Europareservat Unterer Inn" (Lower Inn European Nature Reserve). A popular variant of the Inn Cycle Route runs from Neuötting via the pilgrimage town Altötting through the vast Ötting forest and the ducal town of Burghausen to the confluence of the Inn and Salzach and on towards Marktl. From here, the ride to Passau is approximately 80 kilometres.

On roads with very little traffic, the route leads through forests and idyllic places, along the riverbanks and across unspoilt farmland. Thirsty and hungry from all that riding? There is hardly a stop along the way between Inn and Salzach that doesn`t boast an inviting guest house and beer garden in which visitors can pause for rest and refreshment. Many of the region`s beer gardens also offer e-bike charging stations. Here riders can charge their bikes for free and stock up on energy themselves for the next leg of their ride.

The region`s most popular landmarks include the world`s longest castle in Burghausen, the pilgrimage site Altötting and Mühldorf, an old trading town steeped in tradition and characterised by classic Inn-Salzach architecture.


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Gars on the Inn

The two monumental towers of Gars Abbey`s former monastery church are still the defining feature of the townscape.

Kraiburg on the Inn

Visible for miles around is Kraiburg`s defining landmark, the Schlossberg, a hill upon which a chapel dedicated to St. George stands on the site of a demolished castle, overlooking the town.

Mühldorf on the Inn

The history of Mühldorf am Inn stretches back over 1100 years.


This Inn town was founded by members of the house of Wittelsbach, a ruling noble family, in the middle ages.


"The heart of Bavaria and one of the hearts of Europe": this is how Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI referred the pilgrimage town of Altötting.


The castle is witness to over a millennium of history and is the focus of any visit to Burghausen.


Shortly before the Inn departs Upper Bavaria, the village of Marktl lies tucked into the river valley.

Rottal-Inn Region

The beautiful Bavarian cultural landscape and the gentle hills along the rivers Rott and Inn are rich in sights that are worth discovering.

For example, there are numerous churches and chapels from the late Gothic period in the 14th and 15th centuries – hidden treasures - along the roadside. Market squares in the style of the typical town centre with their fountains and monuments invite you to linger. In the Freilichtmuseum Massing memories of the roots of regional culture are alive. The old farms give an insight into the life of the farm in the past – exciting and educational at the same time, especially for children. The Theater an der Rott provides an excelent cultural offer. Whether acting, operetta, musical or opera – there is something for everyone here. According to nature and culture, cozy restaurants and sunny beer gardens invite you to enjoy the hospitality and typical specialities of the region.


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Lower Inn European Reserve

Numerous animal and plant species find a home here - including around 300 bird species. They use the extensive wetlands as resting places and breeding grounds.

Rottal Terme Bad Birnbach

The spacious bathing areas and sauna worlds of the Rottal Terme invite you to enjoy.

Simbach am Inn

As a former stopover of the Orient Express, the town looks back on a long railway history.

Passau Region

The Passau region offers picturesque markets, beautiful churches, impressive palaces and castles rich in history. A cultural area that has grown over centuries. With many attractions and a lot of living white-blue tradition, the Passau region offers an ever-full calendar of events.

"Donauradweg", "Innradweg", "Römerradweg" ... welcome to the cyclist`s paradise Passauer Land! Here, along the Danube, Inn, Vils and Rott rivers, the well-known long-distance cycle routes combine with thematic cycle paths and regional cycle circuits to form a dense network of cycle paths that sets standards. Accompanied by a varied landscape, every cyclist will find what he is looking for. This is true for the athletic cyclist as well as for the family with children or the pleasure cyclist. The well-signposted network of bike paths allows for sporting challenges, sightseeing on two wheels or the pure experience of nature.


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Neuburg am Inn

Situated in the wildly romantic Inn Valley, Neuburg am Inn is just outside the historic “City of Three rivers” - Passau.

Neuhaus am Inn

Neuhaus am Inn is an ideal vacation spot in the Bavarian golf and thermal spa region (Bayerisches Golf- und Thermenland).

Bad Füssing

Bad Füssing is located in the beautiful Inn Valley on the border with Upper Austria.


The three-river city of Passau is one of the most fascinating cities on the Danube and Inn.

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Welcome to the Chiemsee-Alpenland

Sporting activities, cultural highlights, culinary delights or delicacies, Lake Chiemsee and the Bavarian Alps are a pleasure at any time of year.

Short Brochure Passau Land

Rivers - Forests – Thermal Spas: Passau Land at a glance.

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