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The world-famous three towns show the course of the Inn. River Inn is a lifeline of the Alps and one of the few alpine rivers that flow from west to east. The Inn connects three countries. For the regions, the Inn is a water vein that has majorly influenced life along the river and continues to do so today.
InnCyclePath_TotalAt an altitude of 2,484 m, the Inn rises. An Alpine river born in the imposing mountain world of the Swiss Engadine. After its mouth, the small mountain stream drops almost 700 metres into the valley, flows through several lakes and passes St. Moritz, the world-famous tourist resort around Lake St. Moritz. It winds its way into Austria through several gorges.
Only in the Tyrolean Inn Valley from Landeck onwards does it lose its virgin character and become a wide river, which was decisive for the intensive agricultural use of the valley. It passes Innsbruck, the sports city of the Alps - situated directly on the Inn, surrounded by majestic mountain ranges that offer sports enthusiasts a wealth of opportunities. Here you can easily ride up the mountain directly from the cycle path. The Nordkettenbahn cable car takes you up to the absolute tranquillity with 360-degree panoramic views in 20 minutes.
After Kufstein, the Inn valley becomes wider and wider and you pass the border with Germany. You often cycle along the river banks, get close to the flora and fauna of the river, can rest on one or the other sandbank, but also discover many historic picturesque towns with unique architecture that gives you an idea of how well people once lived here on the Inn - from and with the Inn. In the end, you are spoilt for choice as to which bank to take. In Bavaria as well as in Upper Austria, there are many interesting places to visit. It`s a good thing there are the Inn ferries that allow you to switch back and forth. The high point and end of the journey along the Inn is the three-river city of Passau with the spectacle of the confluence of the rivers, the baroque buildings and the historic old town. Only those who arrive here have discovered the Inn Cycle Route in all its glory. An INNtensive experience on the river.

Alpine Worlds – from Switzerland to Tirol

Plaun da Lej am Silsersee 001The Inn originates in the Swiss Engadine at 2,484 m, from where the initially still small mountain stream falls almost 700 m into the valley.
The first section of the Inn Cycle Path leads through a divine high alpine landscape. You cycle through bright green mountain pastures in front of a majestic 3,000 m mountain backdrop, always complete with small hoods of snow on its summits, past picturesque deep blue mountain lakes and historical towns filled with history, tradition and cultural treasures. It’s a ruggedly pristine and mystical world with seemingly endless untouched nature and refreshingly pure mountain air.

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Discover Tirol’s Mountains and Culture by Bike

Bird`s eye view of Rattenberg in summer (c) AlpbachtalTourismus SedlakMatthiasFor the Inn Cycle Path, Tirol is the Austrian heart of the Alps. Mountains as far as the eye can reach, sometimes imposing and rough, sometimes more gentle. The mountains are ever-present here and often awaken the desire to leave the cycle path for a detour by cable car up to the heights, because you will want to have stood right at the top and looked down at the Inn at least once, at the distance already covered and at what is still to come.
In the second section after the Swiss border, the cycle path leads downhill, sometimes also briefly along the road. From the town of Landeck the valley becomes wider and the cycle path mostly flat. The route runs along its own bike trails and agricultural paths through numerous villages.

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Bavaria / Upper Austria – Reminders of the Baroque and Vibrant Wonders of Nature

Innviertel Tourismus / Innviertel_Tourismus_M_hlleitner_KatzenbergleithenFrom Tirol, you cycle into Bavaria with Kufstein Fortress at your back. The Inn has already turned into a wide river here. Peace and quiet, plenty of green nature, space and the chance to get right up to the water every now and then are part of the cycling experience. The other element is the region’s vibe, encompassed by the ease and opulence of the baroque: good food in the restaurants and monastery kitchens, the beers of the numerous breweries and the lavish churches and monasteries as places of tradition and living customs bear witness to this.
After the border crossing at Kiefersfelden near Kufstein, the Inn Cycle Path leads along both sides of the river in parts. In some sections it is gravelled and not suitable for racing bikes. The Inn Cycle Path is consistently flat here, although there may be brief climbs in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. You cycle through four Bavarian and three Upper Austria regions: Chiemsee Alpenland, Inn-Salzach, Rottal-Inn and Passau in Bavaria – s`Entdeckerviertel (Braunau), s`Innviertel and Schärding in Upper Austria.
While still in Bavaria, the Inn Cycle Path leads through the middle of the Unterer Inn European Nature Reserve, a paradise which is home to more than 300 species of bird. On the left bank you remain in Bavaria, but the last approx. 70 km of the right bank belong to Upper Austria. You can easily change from one side to the other, thanks to the Inn ferries and bridges.
Between Simbach am Inn in Bavaria and Braunau am Inn in Upper Austria you cross the Inn as a border river again and continue on your way. You can use the ferries or bridges to cross. The cycle path is paved and leads straight to the destination of Passau. Shortly before Passau, you cross the Inn one more time to experience the grand finale in the “City of Three Rivers”. The Inn flows into the Danube here and the Inn Cycle Path joins the Danube Cycle Path, on which more cycling adventures are guaranteed.

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