The Inn Cycle Path in Upper Austria

The right side of the river Inn is part of Upper Austria. Starting in Braunau, the route can be cycled on both sides of the Inn, with various bridges across the river to help with the crossing. At the destination Passau, the Danube Cycle Path joins the Inn Cycle Path. After Braunau, the Tauern Cycle Path runs parallel to the Inn Cycle Path as well.


Upper Austria - Baroque Cities and Colourful Wildlife between the Danube, Inn and Salzach Rivers

The Austrian region Upper Austria contains various adventure worlds. Along the Innradweg you can cross 3 of them following the border to Bavaria, spreading between the rivers Danube, Inn and Salzach.

s`Entdeckerviertel is an exciting blend of urban and rural. One example of this is the historic city of Braunau am Inn, and the Unterer Inn European nature reserve. Braunau stands out for its historic city centre with the Gothic plaza, narrow streets and imposing buildings, like the Stadtpfarrkirche with Austria`s highest towers. Don’t miss the historic bathhouse in the medieval bathing museum!

The Innviertel impresses with its untouched nature, authentic cuisine and down-to-earthness. The region is perfect for cycling and hiking. For a visit to the thermal baths in Geinberg, you can even risk a few kilometres off the Inn cycle path.

Schärding am Inn is a gem and a baroque town with a lot to offer. For example, there is the famous Silberzeile, a series of colourful houses on the town square that once belonged to wealthy merchants. In addition, the historical city gates, fountains and churches, the Old Inn Bridge or charming parks are worth a visit as well. Another highlight directly on the river is the Neuhaus castle. Being part of the Danube region in Upper Austria, Schärding also opens the gateway to an incredibly region.



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Regions Along the Inn Cycle Path



The largest city in the s`Entdeckerviertels – located directly on the Bavarian border – is well-known for its historic city centre, cultural diversity, and unparalleled cuisine, among other attractions.


Discovering a region by bike is the best way to explore the country and its people.


The baroque city of Schärding enchants its visitors with a rich history, peculiar charm and vitality. Finely dressed up in colourful clothes, with open arms the city warmly welcomes its guests.

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Tour of the Old Town Schärding

At every turn, the baroque city exhales history. The tour of the old town leads through a maze of streets and alleys, courts, boardwalks and parks.

Accommodation Directory of the Danube Region

In our accommodation directory, you can find more than 235 hotels and lodgings in Upper Austria’s Danube Region on 82 pages.

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