The baroque city of Schärding enchants its visitors with a rich history, peculiar charm and vitality. Finely dressed up in colourful clothes, with open arms the city warmly welcomes its guests. With its kindness and its unique atmosphere, Schärding not only allures its visitors to extend their stay in the city, it also creates memories, which accompany people on their way back home. Anybody who spends some time in Schärding experiences first-hand what being away from everyday life but still feeling a sense of home means. The baroque pearl on the Inn River is a city in the very best sense. At every turn, the baroque city exhales history; however, there is no point when it seems dusty or outmoded. On the contrary, whoever takes a walk through the maze of streets and alleys, courts, boardwalks and parks, can sense the city’s liveliness.

Being part of Upper Austria’s Danube Region Schärding is the gate to an incredibly impressing area. Along the riverbanks of the Danube, visitors can find a remarkable adventure land. Either on a tour along the Danube River Cycling Path or on a hike up the Donausteig – at all times tourists are accompanied by the mighty stream. They explore the Danube’s cultural heritage at close quarters and that way they regain their strength out of this beautiful nature. Just delve into this experience and get into a flow with the Danube!

Blick von der  Barockstadt Schaerding



Tourismusverein Schärding
Innbruckstraße 29
A-4780 Schärding
Phone.: +43 (0) 7712 4300 – 0


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