Closure / Diversion Innradweg in Wörgl

Due to extensive construction work in the area of the motorway bridge in the Wörgl business park, the Inn cycle path must be diverted on a small scale from 20.04.2022 to 30.06.2022.

Full closure - Taigscheid bridge

Expected in the period from Monday, 04.04.2022 until Friday, 16.09.2022there will be a full closure of the Taigscheid bridge due to a new bridge construction project.

Scuol Closure of the Gurlaina Bridge due to Construction Work

Renovation work on the Gurlaina Bridge due to construction & maintenance work.

Detour in the Erler Area

Construction site at the Inndamm West and East between river km 174+400 and 178+000 from 01.09.2021 to 15.04.2022.

Inn Ferry Kiefersfelden out of Service

Due to damage during the last high water, the Inn ferry remains closed until further notice.

Detour in the Local Area of Obernberg a.I.

Diversion due to a construction site in the area of Obernberg am Inn between the Obernberg secondary school and the bridge over the Gurtenbach.

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