Packages along the Inn Cycle Path


From Innsbruck to Passau, 8 Days

Price from € 689,--
Dates 1: daily arrival between 29.04.2023 and 22.09.2023
Dates 2: Arrival Friday, Saturday between 23.09.2023 - 21.10.2023
Duration: 8 days (7 nights)

from St. Moritz (Maloja pass) to Innsbruck or Rosenheim, 7/9 Days

"It‘s not just a bike tour, but a story to tell" - this is how you could briefly characterise this route from the start of the Inn cycle path to Innsbruck or Rosenheim.

Inn and Chiemsee Tour, 8 Days

Price from € 626,--
Dates: Arrival every Saturday or Sunday from 01.05.2023 to 05.10.2023
Duration: 8 days (7 nights)

Experience Tyrolean Culture, 7 Days

Some 200km of unique river landscape embedded in a century-old cultural landscape.

From Innsbruck to Salzburg, 7 Days

Price from € 499--
Dates: Arrival every Saturday or Sunday from 01.05.2022 to 05.10.2022
Duration: 7 days (6 nights)

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